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Berlin Biennale 7 Team urges Public to reconsider the Racist Project

It’s time to react against the impulse to censor, self-censor and close off discussion

The Menace

We know that the Germans of today are different people. These people are free, and they know that the Holocaust is a horror of the past. Contemporary Germans should know this: they are not responsible for the persisting anti-semitism. Nor are they responsible for a leading role in the protection of Fortress Europe against illegal migration. And Poles, at the behest of the German occupiers played a limited role in the extermination of Jews. Today’s generations are not responsible for the deeds of their ancestors. They are not guilty of hatred towards Jews; they are not guilty of being sympathetic towards their extermination. They are free from guilt. Antifascist groups act like a sword of censorship: due to their destructive infantilism, no radical public debate can take place under the European sun anymore. (http://www.berlinbiennale.de/blog/en/comments/universalizing-the-exception-16719)

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