Sample Development / Reinhardt Tower

The featured development is planned for one of the neighbourhoods in Berlin. Unfortunately, it was brought to a certain standstill by the private Investor who has since moved on to work on properties in Leipzig. Berlin development under the working title Reinhardt Tower represents the scope of our commitment if we work together and invites future investors for its realization.

The tower consisting of 28 floors would replace an Art gallery which is still housed in a disused industrial facility in North Berlin. This would satisfy those too occupied to deal with small neighbours: a perfect spot for work, recreation and luxurious living with numerous lakes and parks on a doorstep – all of this just 15 mins north of Mitte (central district) by public transport.

The building itself will undoubtedly keep a relatively large section for the resurrected Art gallery – our inspiration and a starting point of the development. It’s them who provided us with space and ideas for expansion, and this deserves to be celebrated. Other features include 8 floors of office space designed for all kinds of creative industries. A few floors are reserved for recreation facilities such as spa, fitness club, you name it!

Last and probably the most important is, of course, luxurious flats with all around views of the Inner & Suburban City of Berlin. Designed for young families and single professionals, the location for such a development is more than suitable, it’s destined…

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