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Real Estate Evaluation

We send our agents to professionally assess your present or potential properties with respect to cultural environment of the area. Visionary advice available.


Novelty Building Planning Permission Certificates

We design our Redevelopment Certificates and Transcripts to look 99.99% identical to Berlin famous originals including identical security grade transcript paper, identical water markings, raised-ink crests, embossed seals, correct card stock weight (60-100lb depending upon institution specifications). Most post-unification institutions available.


This new offer should concern art world insiders…

– USPS – Fast Delivery Shipping 1-4 day whole Europe! – Best quality frames; – Worldwide shipping of dvd players; – Professional packaging; – 100% guarantee on delivery from Nigeria; – Best prices in the market! – Discounts for returning customers; – Federal Commission of Culture approved products…

350000+ satisfied customers!

Can not be missed…

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Do not hesitate and apply for Berlin Biennale 7 side events to inflate your willy NOW! Join QJUBES, Panagiotis Chatzistefanou, Adrian Iurco, Artur Żmijewski & the like! 350000+ satisfied customers!


Fly to the jungle of Berlin Biennale and enjoy MASSIVE DISCOUNTS for associated events when you present a flight ticket valid on the same day!

Explore the world’s largest indoor rainforest, relax in beautiful gardens or enjoy live music*, art and workshops. All this, and you can get reduced entry if you travel by plane**. Book advance tickets to Berlin Biennale 7 and see for yourself!

It’s a jungle in there…

The Berlin Biennale’s Tropical Biome is the largest greenhouse in the world. Stroll through this lush paradise and you’ll see bananas growing, mangrove swamps and thundering waterfalls. There’s also the 180ft high viewing platform providing stunning views of the canopy.

Travel by plane and save money

As you know, plane travel is more environmentally friendly. That’s why the Berlin Biennale offers up to 4€ off entry to anyone who visits by plane**. Help save the rainforest and your money – go green with Berlin Biennale.

Contact POLARIS INTERNATIONAL Limited for more information


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