Das Kunstnetzwerk QJUBES, POLARIS Int Ltd & Panagiotis Chatzistefanou: THE BERLIN REVIEW OF QUEER LEGENDS

POLARIS INTERNATIONAL Limited in association with QJUBES Das Kunstetzwerk are calling for investors in a new initiative by Panagiotis Chatzistefanou: THE BERLIN REVIEW OF QUEER LEGENDS. This is part one of the upcoming proposals by an artist, media face and curator from Greece. More to follow, so watch this space…

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Kunst macht Quartier: a case for Kunsthalle in Berlin Wedding

Last elections in Berlin brought us amazing results: red-black coalition are extremely positive about the realization of a new city library and, what seems an amazing opportunity for us, a new Kunsthalle – an art gallery that would finally exist to host the fruits of Berlin artists labour.

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Artur Żmijewski in conversation with POLARIS: the Berlin Biennale is a difficult exercise in acquiring power – it’s like cinema on the way to politics

Both the 7th Berlin Biennial and London Olympics 2012 start the very next year.  POLARIS, partner organization of both initiatives, attempts to peep into these two historically significant events and their implications through Cultural, Ideological and Real Estate perspectives. Foregoing is a conversation between POLARIS Ltd and curator of the Berlin Biennale 7 Artur Żmijewski. It touches expectations in the political career of a curator and his opinions on art, gaining power, German history etc.

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POLARIS on Culture and “Class”

The crucial factor in progressing contemporary population towards the realization of truly Human society lies in the values that members of our society  possess. Economy and politics rely heavily on Culture.

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POLARIS INTERNATIONAL Ltd is officially online!

First post!

We welcome you to POLARIS INTERNATIONAL Ltd, a Real Estate Agent dedicated to merging the gap between Art, Business and The Government by 2012. The year of changes is going to bring many things, one of them being realization of the Idea of POLARIS – our aims, aside from helping you achieve the most in Real Estate Investment by contacting cultural venues, institutions and private or state investors to make something of real value out of it, is to push society into polar opposites once again in preparation for the final battle between the right and the wrong.

We are not talking national, racial or ethnic differences, we are talking things that matter: establishing a Real Democratic Society built on the discourse of European Cultural Heritage of Individual Freedom (our partners should excuse our minor detour into working with a couple of undoubtedly bright American colleagues).

Feel free to browse our site in order to get to know us better: Sample Development/Reinhardt Tower exposes our last collaborative project (sadly brought to a certain halt at the moment), our vision can be better understood by clicking About section, and our Contacts are self-explanatory. Marketing featuring original Graphics with specialist print-on-demand Items will be updated as soon as possible. Please join us on twitter for the newest (as well as the oldest) bites of information dealing with the history of democratizing society with Art.