by Institute for Rape Activities German Style

If we feel art should fully embrace the radical roots of its own historical foundation, it is necessary to inquire where art has a biggest impact on social reality. Is it at the sites where colonial imperialism is practiced upon the non-European populations under the guise of “smart”, “critical” and “autonomous” artistic “interventions”, or at the sites of gentrification in the “first world” cities, in the strategic bodies which are to murder the revolutionary movement of the international proletariat (namely in the galleries, museums, biennials)?

Eight hundred kilometers upstream from Kinshasa, on the river Congo, the Institute for Rape Activities German Style radicalizes the art producers to embrace their historical mission to finally “civilize” the Democratic Republic of Congo and launches a five-year Gentrification Pogrom. The opening seminar of this program takes place in a specially created bamboo settlement in Congo and investigates the gap in barbarity that arises in the comparison between the European Artistic Slave Owners and the local populations. At the same time, it is the kick-off of the actual process of psychic colonization, which is feeding on the struggles of innumerable workers who mine for cobalt, a necessary ingredient for each and every contemporary electronic gadget such as a mobile phone.

This seminar is organized together with, among others, POLARIS INTERNATIONAL limited, NOKIA, Apple Inc, National Bolshevik Front, Al Qaida, Fatah and 7th Berlin Biennale. The settlement functions as a venue of the Berlin Biennale. If you are unable to come to Congo, there is an opportunity to attend a video report of the event at Topographie des Terrors Museum in Berlin. In any case, the debate about Berlin Biennale’s role as psychic colonization and gentrification of Berlin City itself is strongly discouraged by our partners Berlin Biennale 7.

Berlin Biennale 7 is happy to openly admit its psycho colonial role on a global scale, but it is unwilling to discuss the anti-semitism of its main ideologists: curators and the German State. According to Artur Zmijewski, the anti-semite of the Berlin Biennale, who talks about the holocaust in his homeland Poland in this way: “Poles have accounted for their guilt—today’s generations are not responsible for the deeds of their ancestors. You are not guilty of hatred towards Jews; you are not guilty of being sympathetic towards their extermination. You are free from guilt.”


The Institute for Rape Activities German Style was founded in 2010. 

More information about our continuing racist activities and coming pogroms is listed on the official Berlin Biennale website here:

And available through KW Institute for Contemporary Art:

KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Kunst-Werke Berlin e. V.
Auguststraße 69
D-10117 Berlin

Phone 0049 (0)30 – 24 34 59 – 0
Fax     0049 (0)30 – 24 34 59 – 99


Director: Gabriele Horn
Founding Director: Klaus Biesenbach
Founding Chairman of berlin biennale e. V. : Eberhard Mayntz

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