The Ultimate Art Terror Experience – POLARIS INTERNATIONAL Ltd promotional film


‘The Ultimate Art Terror Experience’ (2012, 12min) is featured in the collective exhibition ‘2012 is the Season for Treason: Critical Reflections on Berlin Biennale 7’, open 27 April – 13 May in Organ Kritischer Kunst (OKK/Raum29). Find us in Prinzenallee 29, Berlin 13359, Germany. More info about the show available:

Having set out to create a promotional POLARIS / Berlin Biennale 7 / VOINA film, we made use of public domain video material. Our team could not resist adopting Fritz Lang directed 1927 science fiction film Metropolis (the script was written by the jewish director’s then-wife, Thea von Harbou, who joined NSDAP a few years after the making of the film). Metropolis had attracted admiration from both the late KPD (post Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht – post revolutionary Kommunist Partei Deutschland) and Adolf Hitler himself. The film, released by UFA studios (itself being a hybrid form of a “psycho warfare” filmic propaganda weapon started by the German military in WWI), seem to have played into the general line of German propaganda of the 1920s, the years of “reaction” on German soil, which saw the crushing of a “revolutionary” workers uprising of the 1919, heroic nationalization and antisemitism, which stroke a blow to the soulless American financial capitalism. The struggle for European Culture continues as manifested by Polish “fascist” artist / curator Artur Zmijewski and the whole agenda of Berlin Biennale 7 (BB7).

POLARIS INTERNATIONAL Limited is a ‘Real Estate Advisory’ company, which is practicing the agenda of art promotion. POLARIS was founded on 11.11.11 and wants soldier artists to be young and strong, with tireless energy executing heroic acts of cunning and bravura. Only with the existence of Art along with a set of “middle class” cultural values attached to it can we improve our cities faster than ever. Have you seen how quickly a city quarter famous for its cultural vibrancy becomes all new and friendly? New York, London & Berlin are just a few examples. We must emphasize our commitment to work internationally, but with a distinctly European agenda.

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