Das Kunstnetzwerk QJUBES, POLARIS Int Ltd & Panagiotis Chatzistefanou: THE BERLIN REVIEW OF QUEER LEGENDS

POLARIS INTERNATIONAL Limited in association with QJUBES Das Kunstetzwerk are calling for investors in a new initiative by Panagiotis Chatzistefanou: THE BERLIN REVIEW OF QUEER LEGENDS. This is part one of the upcoming proposals by an artist, media face and curator from Greece. More to follow, so watch this space…

The Berlin Review of Queer Legends:

  • A sophisticated, upmarket, and intelligent magazine, distributed free at carefully selected spots around Berlin, specifically aimed at anybody who wants to live the Berlin myth, for a day or for a lifetime.
  • “The Berlin Review” aims to be collectible, each issue documenting, month by month, anybody and anything that is stunning about Berlin art, culture and life.
  • The “Berlin Review” will be equally targeted towards the expatriate English speaking community that is permanently living in Berlin and also address the needs of any tourist who visits for high-end cultural interests and artistic entertainment.
  • The readership demographic includes and supports any tangent of interest to a demanding audience.
  •  “The Berlin Review” will be designed to appeal to the demanding taste of any kind of educated, sophisticated and recherché “Berliner”, born or wannabe, meaning it will focus on the finer aspects of art, culture, fashion and life, not ignoring the party atmosphere Berlin is famous for.
  • It is very important to stress that the “The Berlin Review” aims to capture an audience that feels excluded by the more mainstream media. Artistic excellence, in terms of editorial, lay out and photographic editing is paramount to ensure the specialized identity the magazine aspires to.
  • The editorial direction of “The Berlin Review” will consist of interviews with personalities who embody the ideals of the magazine, photo essays and information about cultural events in Berlin. It is a simple recipe that concentrates on what is important without confusing the reader with too much information.
  • The format could be different each time, but always tailored to the budget of a free press edition. This would create the innovative but also precious aura of a collector’s item available on the street. Easy, affordable but impressive ideas could give the impression of uniqueness and handicraft – postcards, stickers, mini-posters, etc.
  • Otherwise, the format could be that of a paperback book, this stressing the literary and art-book aspects of the magazine.
  • Potential advertising clients include all those businesses that already advertise in the available German-speaking, Berlin orientated publications, but also, and crucially, a lot of other businesses that would be interested in aiming specifically for an English speaking readership with high-end demands.
  • A future development of this magazine would be various editions of it throughout Germany (one for Hamburg, one for Cologne, one for Munich etc.)
  • PROS – Small, flexible, young staff, very easy to market online, huge potential advertising revenue.
  • CONS – Late break-even point, depending on the delay between signing of advertising contracts and receipts of first revenues.

Some words about the current Berlin-orientated magazines:

All currently available options are excellent but in German, which is not helpful to the thousands of people that visit Berlin every month, looking to participate in the famous cultural scene and vibrant lifestyle. Only 1% of English speakers speak German fluently.

Also, the available Berlin-orientated publications follow too closely the format of a standard and general listings magazine, which, to my opinion, does not address the interests of a specific and demanding audience.

In conclusion, I believe that currently available magazines about Berlin are only for German speaking residents and over-emphasize a generalized social identity, ignoring the very strong and internationally famous artistic and intellectual profile of the city, as well as the English speaking community of the city.

For example:

Zitty and Tip are squarely aimed towards the average German speaking resident of the Berlin and are rarely helpful for outsiders and visitors, especially those that want to concentrate on the artistic and intellectual profile of the city. Blu and Siegessaule are too focused on sexual identity.

For further information please contact us @ polarisinternational@yahoo.co.uk
QJUBES Kunstnetzwerk
Panagiotis Chatzistefanou

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