Kunst macht Quartier: a case for Kunsthalle in Berlin Wedding

Last elections in Berlin brought us amazing results: red-black coalition are extremely positive about the realization of a new city library and, what seems an amazing opportunity for us, a new Kunsthalle – an art gallery that would finally exist to host the fruits of Berlin artists labour.

Artist, Architect, Developer

Let’s do away with an impression that the city is created by a grey mass of people: it is the artist, the architect and the developer that give our cities an image and atmosphere. Mitte would not be Mitte if it was not the creative energies that generated real estate property values. Artist is a best developer’s friend, and a second best of the official. Contrary to the claims of many theorists in the area of aesthetics from Theodor Adorno to Guy Debord, a concept of art is developed by and supports the current political and economic organization. Managers at POLARIS Ltd know that and are ready to exploit it to the full by merging the gaps between art, business and the government.

The Arts and the City

Berlin is packed with people hungry for a lifestyle of an artist. Seeming opposition to Richard Florida’s concept of creative class which manifests itself in the adoption of 19th century bohemianism is not contrary to our interests: it all boils down to the ability and will to pay increasing prices for the rent, food, coffee and cocktails. Namely, so-called issues of class. Only the small migrants would oppose such process: a silent minority which should be represented in places like a new Kunsthalle. The inhumane behaviour in the areas of Neukölln or Wedding exposes the face of this demographic. The uncultured are not capable of appreciating the privilege of living in Europe. But solutions are ready.

Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) and Stattbad Wedding

In poor neighbourhoods such as Berlin Wedding, increased violence against the police officers required a response. The government then came up with a plan: culture became the answer. From collaborative music performances directed by exotic foreigners and performed by the youths, to graffiti painted on the walls of Wedding by professional artists, the conflict seems to be boiling down. A next step in this agenda could be supported through initiatives like Berlin Biennale 7 (partnership with POLARIS Ltd has just been established by Artur Żmijewski). This next step is an increased number of all types of cultural events in the poor areas of the city. After installing tolerance towards art business and building the new HQ of BND round the corner, Kunsthalle would have already made its way to the heart of a neighbourhood Berlin Wedding.


Stattbad Wedding, founded by a real estate company QUANTUM Immobilien + Projektentwicklungs GmbH has high expectations: company parties, collaborations with opera houses, exclusive VIP parties – all that seems attractive to the members of neighbouring BND. With profits from such clients guaranteed, one or two internationally negotiated projects might also be on the way. A new Berlin Kunsthalle might get into the way of such prospects, but nevertheless it attracts the attention of POLARIS Ltd and our partners, since we are not merely focused on one building, it is the whole area of Wedding we are concerned with.


More information (in German):

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