Monthly Archives: December 2011

Kunst macht Quartier: a case for Kunsthalle in Berlin Wedding

Last elections in Berlin brought us amazing results: red-black coalition are extremely positive about the realization of a new city library and, what seems an amazing opportunity for us, a new Kunsthalle – an art gallery that would finally exist to host the fruits of Berlin artists labour.

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Artur Żmijewski in conversation with POLARIS: the Berlin Biennale is a difficult exercise in acquiring power – it’s like cinema on the way to politics

Both the 7th Berlin Biennial and London Olympics 2012 start the very next year.  POLARIS, partner organization of both initiatives, attempts to peep into these two historically significant events and their implications through Cultural, Ideological and Real Estate perspectives. Foregoing is a conversation between POLARIS Ltd and curator of the Berlin Biennale 7 Artur Żmijewski. It touches expectations in the political career of a curator and his opinions on art, gaining power, German history etc.

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