Berlin Biennale 7 Team urges Public to reconsider the Racist Project

It’s time to react against the impulse to censor, self-censor and close off discussion

The Menace

We know that the Germans of today are different people. These people are free, and they know that the Holocaust is a horror of the past. Contemporary Germans should know this: they are not responsible for the persisting anti-semitism. Nor are they responsible for a leading role in the protection of Fortress Europe against illegal migration. And Poles, at the behest of the German occupiers played a limited role in the extermination of Jews. Today’s generations are not responsible for the deeds of their ancestors. They are not guilty of hatred towards Jews; they are not guilty of being sympathetic towards their extermination. They are free from guilt. Antifascist groups act like a sword of censorship: due to their destructive infantilism, no radical public debate can take place under the European sun anymore. (

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by Institute for Rape Activities German Style

If we feel art should fully embrace the radical roots of its own historical foundation, it is necessary to inquire where art has a biggest impact on social reality. Is it at the sites where colonial imperialism is practiced upon the non-European populations under the guise of “smart”, “critical” and “autonomous” artistic “interventions”, or at the sites of gentrification in the “first world” cities, in the strategic bodies which are to murder the revolutionary movement of the international proletariat (namely in the galleries, museums, biennials)?

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Berlin, May 4, 6pm: POLARIS Int’l Ltd talk “Art as Social Glue / Kunst als Kleber”

Dear Partners,

We would like to warmly invite you to the first public presentation of POLARIS INTERNATIONAL Limited strategy in promoting art for gentrification ends. “Supported” by Berlin Biennale 7, we take part in the collective show “2012 IS THE SEASON FOR TREASON: Critical Reflections on Berlin Biennale 7” (more information about the show available through Organ Kritischer Kunst – OKK).

Friday 4th May will see our representatives discussing the aims and objectives of the visionary Real Estate Advisory company POLARIS Int’l Ltd, which specializes in culture. The presentation starts at 6pm sharp, and takes places in Organ Kritischer Kunst – Okk/raum29 – at 29 Prinzenallee, 13359 Berlin Wedding.

Reasonably priced refreshments and souvenirs will be served at the event. Booking is not essential.

Forget fear! POLARIS INTERNATIONAL Limited champions the sponsorship from Berlin Biennale 7, Artist Taking the Lead (side program for 2012 London Olympics), and others. We take part in the program parallel to Berlin Biennale official.

Facebook Event:

The Ultimate Art Terror Experience – POLARIS INTERNATIONAL Ltd promotional film


‘The Ultimate Art Terror Experience’ (2012, 12min) is featured in the collective exhibition ‘2012 is the Season for Treason: Critical Reflections on Berlin Biennale 7’, open 27 April – 13 May in Organ Kritischer Kunst (OKK/Raum29). Find us in Prinzenallee 29, Berlin 13359, Germany. More info about the show available:

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